Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Beginning

So, my trip to Romania started off the way any trip should...we arrived 45 minutes early, I don't want too much time to check in, go through security and sit and wait to be boarded, that just takes all the excitement out of running through the airport and hoping the door is still open. So, as we pull up the debate starts, how heavy is my bag going to be? Well, turns out it was not just a few pounds over but a good twenty!! What can I say I am a girl and really want to be prepared for whatever Romania is going to throw at me. The unpacking starts, what do I really not need and what can I do without, and through my head the whole time all I am thinking is how stupid this whole only one baggage rule is because otherwise I would not have this problem. The brown sugar is thrown out, along with most of my clothes, any bath products, shoes and whatever other liquids (which are the heaviest items) that I can hopefully buy in Romania. That is another thing, if I could take liquids on carry on again I would not have this problem....My Mom being the responsible one brought an extra bag just in case it would have been necessary and my dad being the resourceful one stuffs whatever he can into that bag including my backpack so that I can use the duffel as my one carry on. Then I had to say good-bye as I went through security and as I passed through with no questions asked about the backpack in the duffel and all the other random items in there I started to cry, cry because I am really going to miss my family, and out of fear that I was going to miss the plane and have to go through this whole process again. Well, the end of the story is that I made it to LA just fine and safe and got to spend a great couple of days with Christian and Emily and now I am just prepping for the coolest thing ever....and like my Dad said, "there is no better way to leave then in the dysfunctional Davis way," and he was right because it made a great story for my blog:)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I finally joined the club...

I never thought I would ever really be a part of the "blogging club" but alas here I am. I have been asking myself what finally made me give in and it is those two words...peer pressure! It is funny that no matter how old you get that the phrase "everyone is doing it" can still pop into your head and push you into something you normally wouldn't do. I am just glad that this "peer pressure" led me into something that is not necessarily bad or harmful in anyway, that is unless you get addicted, but I am going to hope for the best on this one.

Peer pressure is not the only reason behind my change of lifestyle; as some of you may know I will be living for almost 4 months in the beautiful city of Iasi, which is located in Romania, which is located in Eastern Europe, look it up! While I am there I will have very little time and access to the internet so as to make my life easier I decided a blog is the best way for anyone who cares to check up on me and be able to read what I have been up to and be able to look at pictures. I just have too many people that I love and adore and would be tempted to write everyone their own personal e-mail that this is an easier way for me to let everyone know that I love them and want them to still be involved in my life. So, here it is the start of Kinsey's Blog and the start of a new adventure!