Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Days

Clint and I have had a lot of fun these past weeks. Here are some pictures to prove it!

Clint and Tilby a missionary buddy who just got home....his mom makes some wicked cafe rio:)

Memorial day with the fam! We played some football, went fishing ate delicious food and enjoyed dessert as the sunset went down over the mountains. It was very wonderful and serene.

Jazz and Laker game with our friends! It was fun to be in that atmosphere but sad to see the Jazz get killed. Eh well, there is always next year.

A couple of weeks ago Parker was playing in a tournament for school and they needed some more players, so they threw Clint right in there with the rest of 'em. It was fun watching them play together and seeing how Clint just fit right in with the team. Presh! Oh, and they won.

Best Friends wedding! So fun to go to one and see how happy they are. Weddings are a beautiful thing.

I love how relaxed summers are and all the fun we get to have with family. I am still hoping for the warm and sunny weather to hit us here in Utah.