Monday, January 31, 2011

Friday Night Adventures

This past Friday was one of the most memorable Clint and I have had together. We started the afternoon off with helping a friend move some stuff and the time started running out to when I needed to be at a visiting teaching Clint dropped me off at the appointment and my companion agreed to take me home. Now remember this part of the story it will be important later: before he dropped me off I said to Clint, "Hey, don't lock the house because I don't have my keys." Visiting teaching goes well and I get home try the door, its locked, look under the mat for a key, no key, go into the laundry room because I am freezing and it turns out that room is not that warm either. I call my wonderful husband to discover that he was running late to work and forgot. No prob bob. What school are you working at tonight (Clint is a referee for high school basketball). He tells me he will be at Timpanogos High (I dont know why but in my head that translate into Timpview high). You may wonder what the difference is between the two, about fifteen minutes of driving.

So, I call literally all the friends I have in Provo to ask for a ride and I finally got a hold of one....Beatles Bryce and his wife gave me a lift to Timpview. They are so nice and good friends. They drop me off and I walk into the school to discover that Clint isn't there and I am at the wrong wrong. Lucky me Rachel kept me company for quite awhile until Clint called to tell me what school he was at, which meant back to the grind to find a second friend to give me a ride to a different school. Lucky me I have some awesome friends. This time Kristen and her husband picked me up from Timpview. As I waited I talked to Rachel again and watched the high school drama going on. You would think this next step would be easy getting from one school to another. Well, when I talked to Clint to get directions to the new school our conversation got cut short because his phone was dying and I was nervous we would lose each other...Long ending short Kristen and her husband took me to TImpanogos and we ran into Clint at a stoplight..CHINESE FIRE DRILL! Thanks to my loving sister I was still in a good mood as I got in the car with my husband. I was ecstatic to see HIM!!!!

I hopped in the car with my hubby as he started to apologize profusely and as I started to complain about how I was starving and had a headache so he had to get grub in me soon! Being the sweetheart he is Clint pulled into the parking lot of Bombay House (MY FAVORITE INDIAN RESTAURANT)! This was a huge deal Clint doesn't like Indian food, he hates the smell even more and is always ragging on my love for it. I was shocked and so happy that my husband loved me so much and felt so bad about a small mistake that he would get Indian food with me. Sadly, there was too long of a wait for my liking so we grabbed some Gurus (2nd to Bombay). Anyway....long story short always have your keys on you...or text your husband while visiting teaching to remind him to leave a key:) Good Bye and Good Night!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas Time is the Most Wonderful Time

Soooo....I know my blog is all over the place and its the middle of January and I am finally getting around to posting about Christmas! It was so much fun! WE spent half of it with my family in the beautiful town of Heber and the other half with Clints family in Sunny South Carolina (I do not have as many pictures from that trip because my in-laws took plenty to share). It was a great Holiday vacation for us! So great that we still have not adjusted back to the whole school and work thing that is so important.

This is Ethan and Me. I just wanted to see him in that cute snow suit:)

This is our niece Emily! Julianna and Karl came down to go sledding with us and it was awesome!

This is Clint entertaining Liam while Rachel and Ryan were gone somewhere. We had so much fun babysitting and I have videos below to prove it!

We took a train ride to the North Pole to pick up Santa with the kiddos....Liam is still scared of Santa. He was probably wondering why woud we waste this awesome train ride to pick up him.

Clint and I spent an evening at the Riverwoods Mall looking at their awesome Christmas Lights. It was magical and beautiful!

Family bowling

Traditional Christmas Eve Chinese Food

The romantic bridge that my parents and their neighborhood decorated together, I am so grateful to them because it was magical when you went down there when it was all lit up!

Here we are, after an eventful week, at Christmas Morning! We all look so lovely:)

During the sledding extravaganza people stared in amazement that Parker and Ryan were wearing so little in cold weather. Christian was claiming to be a Christmas Banana and receiving cheers from strangers as he zoomed down the hill. And the rest of us are boring as we wore normal sledding clothes:) I love my family

At Hilton Head we spent some time at the light house and admired the was beautiful! And we got to chill in awesome rocking chairs while others shopped and played at the playground.

One of the many highlights was family football on the beach! It was so much fun except for an incident here and football is something that Clint's family loves to do and I love doing it with them.

This is my niece Ella...she is a curious and independent lil girl!

Here is Sammy claiming her spot! I swear every time I see this cute little girl she pats my belly and says when is the baby coming...and when I tell her there is no baby she goes on to lecture me that I need to have one because I am the only one without a baby....she even offered up herself to be my baby for the week so I could fit in. I took her up on the offer.

This is Ella trying to show Bailey some love. Key word trying...

Here we are on our rad bike ride on the beach. It reminded me of the time my family and some of the Haynies came to South Carolina on a trip. I recall Liz and I saving the starfish that got left on shore when the tide would go down.

This is when we were babysitting Liam...Clint thought of this game and it kept both of them entertained for hours....

Cutest laugh!

This is Liam practicing karate chops with Grandpa!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

January, Friday, the 14th

Our first anniversary was amazing! The week started looking grim because Clint got scheduled for work on our anniversary. He used this to his benefit to fool me into thinking he was working on our FIRST ANNIVERSARY! I was supportive on the outside, but on the inside I was very sad, about the whole situation. Friday night got to the point when he walked out the door in his uniform I was hoping it was all a joke or on Punk'd or something.....and then he was gone. As I was blogging and chilling in my pj's there was a knock at the door and there was my handsome husband with a dozen roses (each one had a note attached about something he loved about me) all dressed up and ready to sweep me off my feet. I was so shocked and excited and flustered because I had no time to do my hair or make-up before our reservation. First, I received these beautiful roses....

Then as I stepped into the car there was a gift certificate on my seat to get a manicure and a pedicure...

We made our way over to the Riverwoods where we got to walk around and see the romantic and beautiful lights.

Then we ate at a new restaurant called La Jolla Groves. It was incredible! My new favorite place to eat and such a fun atmosphere.

The restaurant has fake trees with lemons hanging down, its pretty rad. There theme is obviously the lemons so they have dishes based off of that. Pretty cute and the service was fantastic!

We finished up our meal and Clint had one more surprise in store. He took me to his old apartment complex and we got out of the car and stood at the spot where he decided that he only wanted to date me and no one else (but he was still not quite ready to be official). It was a good step though in the right direction. The ironic part is that was the same day that I decided he wasn't interested and I really should just leave the poor guy alone. Boy, was I wrong:)

Lastly, we enjoyed a lovely movie at our classy $1.25 theatre out here in good ol' P-Town! It was a perfect night all planned out by my amazing husband. I love him so much and could not have asked for a better Anniversary or a better husband.

Friday, January 14, 2011

January 14th

Happy Anniversary to US!!!! It is exactly one year from our magical wedding. Thank you so much Clint for all the fun, laughter and love you have brought into my life! I love you more than anything!


Your Wife

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Condaleezza Rice at BYU

Being a student at BYU I tend to be very comfortable and more conservative than I would be in a different state or school. I don't think its a bad thing but sometimes I feel pretty protected from the rest world. Today as I drove to work I saw the first protest EVER since I came to BYU! (This is the first one I have ever seen, I have heard of one other happenning when Dick Chenney came to speak at a graduation). Condaleezza Rice was speaking today so of course this called for a anti-war gathering on the street. It was very entertaining to watch while I was sitting at the light for what seemed like eternity. Then it proved frustrating as I tried to find a parking spot for work and it took me more than ten minutes to find someone to stalk to their car and wave as if to say "I swear I'm not creepy just late for work" (Thanks a lot Condoleezza).

Anyway, after these incidences I came to work and I heard some comments about the protesters needing to "get a life" and "dont they have anything better to do" (I hope none of my co-workers read this and if you do don't take it personally. I think that it is great that there are a handful of BYU students who want to freeze their buns off outside to express their freedom of speech and opinions. It is not something I would choose to do in the middle of the winter in Utah but GO THEM! I am just grateful that we live in a free country where if I ever desired to I could go join those protesters in the cold with my groovy PEACE sign!