Sunday, March 27, 2011

Festival of Colors

Ever since I have been in Provo I have wanted to go to the Festival of Colors at the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork. I have been to their services before for a class and I found their beliefs and interests intriguing. After being here for over five years I finally made it with my amazing husband to celebrate my birthday month (Clint and I decided we are going to celebrate birthday months in our family, not sure how long that will last once we have kids but it is great while its just the two of us)!!! We had to walk over a mile to get there and get back but it was worth it. It was insane, it was hard to breathe and there were colors everywhere! As fun as it was, it was a one time thing for me.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Date Night

It has been awhile since Clint and I have been on a date and spent an evening with just the two of us (and when I say a while I mean two weeks but come on thats a long time). Last night we got to make up for lost time and it was awesome! We went and played laser tag at the ghetto place in Provo that has been here since the beginning of time. It was so much fun, the adrenaline of hiding and not knowing when I would get hit. It was awesome! Plus I got a better score then Clint and since I rarely beat him at anything that was the icing on the cake:) Then we drove around for about thirty minutes trying to decide what we wanted to eat for dinner. We compromised on Jimmy John's with fries from Burger Supreme. Delicious, healthy and a balanced meal. Then we spent the evening cuddling and watching t.v. The night was homework free (which rarely happens, rarely!)

As we drove home with our delicious and healthy meal, I was thinking about our first dance together as husband and wife and how I could not imagine loving him more than I did in that moment. Last night as we spent the evening together I realized how much that love has grown. I did not know my heart could hold so much love for one person. I can't imagine that I could love him more than I do right now but I know that isn't true and that every day I do love him more than the day before. Being married and finding someone this special is a blessing. Thank you husband for an amazing date night, I love you!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ryan and Rachel Clan

My amazing sister and brother-in-law are moving to Rochester, NY for his medical Residency and I am just so excited for them that I started doing all kinds of research of things they can do there, where to shop, eat and how far they are from Niagara Falls and NYC! Then I came upon this picture (look below) and decided that all this research I was doing would not be in vain and Clint and I will just have to take a trip out there to to enjoy this beautiful city. Congrats again Ryan, Rachel, Liam and Gavin. You are going love it there!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BYU Business Program

I want to brag a little bit about my husband...he applied for the BYU business program, which is one of the hardest ones to get into, and he GOT IN!!! He is so smart and such a hard worker! I cannot even express how proud I am of him and all the work he did to get where he is. Clint, you are amazing and you deserve it for all those hours you spent studying and I spent watching you study. I love you so much! Congratulations!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Groundhog Day

I am a fan of Groundhog Day, I enjoy making a nice meal and watching the classic with Bill Murray in it. I am not a fan though of how often Lil' Phil's predictions are incorrect...or his prediction is often that it is going to be a long winter and that always makes me unhappy. This year I am very, very HAPPY to say that This Guy:

WAS RIGHT!!! Here in Provo we have experienced the earliest Spring I have ever been around for and I am super happy! It is sunny out, I don't have to wear a jacket to work in the morning and when I get home from class at night my face doesn't have to defrost. Spring is a beautiful thing!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Addiction

So, I have a pretty sweet job that my boss allows me to do homework or watch t.v. on Hulu/Netflix if there is nothing to do and no phone calls. I have tried bringing homework but its hard for me to read when there are other distractions, people talking to me and interrupting my reading so of course, being the t.v. junkie I am, I started to watch stuff on netflix. But once I got through the two good movies/shows they actually have on instant play I started looking through all the rejects to see if there was anything else that might distract me until work is over. Then I found Grey's Anatomy. Don't judge me, at least not yet. I have known quite a few people who really love this show. And Dr. McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) is one of the main characters, how can I pass that up? And I have always enjoyed medical shows so.....I took a leap and started with the first season. And now I am hooked. I am hooked to a show that has no morals, love triangles, drinking and too much drama! But I am also hooked to a show that has intriguing medical cases, sweet relationships (I am mostly referring to the patients in this area)and life lessons to be learned. Now you can judge me all you want. Moral of the story stick with reruns of Psych.