Friday, July 29, 2011

Pioneer Day

Seven Peaks, our favorite pastime

Here is how we celebrated Pioneer day with Clint's Aunt and Uncle. It was so much fun!

Quote of the day "If people had water fights in replace of war we would have world peace." It's true, no one is mad during a good water fight

Our Team!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Time has been Busy

This summer has been very different from last summer. Last summer Clint and I were livin' the dream. Living part time at my parents house and playing with them all summer long, family reunions, traveling to California and Chicago and the best part was we were not working or in school. It was pretty incredible. This summer has been just as incredible but very different. Clint has a full time internship up in North Salt Lake (the commute alone takes over two hours all together) and I have been teaching at a summer school (part of my schooling) and taking a class (both of which take all day of my life). Even though our days have been busier we still make time for each other and find time to have fun with family and friends. We have just had a really strong and good taste of what it is like to become an adult. Lucky for me yesterday was the last day of summer school! As fun as it was I am so excited to have more time to get my classroom ready starting in August and more time to make dinner and just have more fun:) Either way on the busy days when we are both exhausted beyond reason we will always have last summer!

Batting Cages with our Neighbors, I forgot how fun batting cages are! Awesome date night!

Dinner at Spaghetti Factory all thanks to David and Uncle Van! It was so much fun!

David and his friends!

Mom with the Dunce (we love you parker)

The wonderful Haynie family! Creedo is so cute and growing up so fast.

Will, Matt, Annie and Chelsey

Celebrating 1 1/2 year anniversary watching the sunset from the mountains!

The celebration all started at Tucanos with one of those awesome birthday coupons, the only way to eat at Tucanos!

Missionary Reunion where we got to see the Brysons again, They were a senior couple in Romania that Clint and I both knew and they are so much fun!

We still know how to have fun even if we are growing up!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An Affair to Remember...

Here I am late at night trying to write a paper for my Law class this semester (which is practically killing me...between practicum and all the work I do for that I am so exhausted that this paper has been put on the back burner for a while). Anyway, I go to Netflix of course to find a movie that won't distract me while I write but also keep me company while my husband sleeps beside me and I found this Classic Gem...

I forgot how much I love this movie. Such a simple love story but so classy all at the same time. And I am at the part when Deborah Kerr says the famous line "Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories. We already missed the spring." That line gets me every time, I am so grateful for my husband who sleeps on the couch next to me while I stay up writing a paper, and parents who will spend hours fixing a special momento for us (and cleaning our car on the 4th of July), and siblings who I have many adventurous memories with, and in-laws who have made me feel very comfortable in their wonderful family, and lets not forget all of my extended family who have provided me with lots of entertainment over the years. Maybe I am sentimental right now with Harry Potter really being over

or maybe I just wanted to procrastinate my paper some more, either way Thank you family and close friends who I treasure so much!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Miniature Golfing together...Clint is a great teacher, my golf score gets better and better.

Family dinner for Grandpa's birthday!!! I love getting together with family!!

Water Geyser by my parent's random but cool!

Happy 4th of july!!!! favorite subject

Sooo...remember when I said I started cooking again, well I did but it did not last long. But here are a few of the meals that I discovered and tested out and they all ended up with great reviews from my husband and his cousin Preston!! The photos are not that glamorous but I wanted to be able to use this to remind my wonderful husband that I can cook--because for the next couple of weeks he will be on his own!

I got these great recipes from woman's day and surprisingly from my grocery store!

Delicious Baked Pasta

Steak with Salad Topping (two birds with one stone)

And on the top right we have a pork roast over cous-cous and the bottom right pork chops with potatoes. Bon Apetite!