Friday, August 20, 2010

Santa Clause

Warning: If you believe Santa Clause is real then you will want to read this post, if you do not believe he is real then when you read this you might change your mind.

I know this seems silly to write a post about Santa Clause when we are still in the Hot month of August but it just cannot wait. Clint and I are in Chicago visiting his parents and for a two days we went to the Wisconsin Dells to an awesome waterpark/hotel deal. Well, when we were driving home (Clint was asleep) so I was just chatting with his sister, Stefani, and his Mom when we pulled up behind a silver SUV with a sticker on the back that said "my other car is a sleigh." We have a little chuckle then we chuckle more as we see a sticker of an elf on his back window and notice his license plate says Santa C. At this point I am just thinking this person is a fan of the Big Guy in a red suit.

Well, as we pulled up next to this car their were no more chuckles just big gasps and smiles as we saw this Guy driving the car!!!!

And as we smiled, waved and giggled a little in the amazement of seeing THE Mr. Santa Clause himself we noticed his pretty lade sitting right next to him smiling back at us. Mr. C waved to us in his short sleeve RED long johns and gave us the smile with the rosy cheeks you read about in books. There you have it, Santa Clause is real and is vacationing in Wisconsin!

We got a little bit of Christmas Magic in August. Pretty cool, eh?!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Mini Davis Reunion

These are just a few pictures from one of our first Davis Family Reunions. What I consider our first was our Amazing trip to Havasupai.....and this one was just as good (except we missed Ryan and Marshal). We did a lot of boating, celebrated Rachel and Grandpa's birthday and mostly just enjoyed each others company. This has been a very eventful summer for Clint and I.