Friday, July 20, 2012

New York, New York PART 2

The children's museum in Rochester is so awesome!! Perfect for kids and for adults who want to reminisce on childhood memories. Loved it!!! We had a great time at the beach as well, going for a walk and playing King of the Rock! Everyday was an adventure with them.

New York, New York PART 1

I went to New York to visit my sister and watch her adorable boys while she and Ryan enjoyed an overdue vacation!! WE had such a great time and these pictures prove it!!! Can't wait to see them again soon!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Road Trip

I know we have been in Georgia over a month now and I am just now blogging about our drive up here and everything else we have been up to. It has been a great adventure and we have really enjoyed our time here!! We said our goodbyes to our hobbit entrance home, which we loved!!! The first house I have painted yet and I am going to miss it so much! Clint went to work with me on my last day and helped out and it was so sad saying goodbye to my students!! I am going to miss them so much! I need to blog about them sometime. Teaching and my students have been a huge part of my life. Then we hit the road for Colorado!! We stayed with my awesome family there (The Steele Family..miss you)! We stayed up way too late talking, but so worth it! Then we woke up early in the morning just to have Clint envying the golf course in their backyard. Did I mention he made me leave more clothes and shoes behind so he could bring his huge bag of golf clubs in our tiny Corolla?! Awesome, right!? Our journey continued as we took a detour through the wonderful town I grew up in...drumroll please...FRANKTOWN!
My old house and amazing backyard!!! Oh the memories of go carting, forts anywhere imaginable, night games, camping, fires, ice skating, pool, garden, great neighbors (Heydts and the Easts)....great memories
Cul de sac where we played night games, waited for the bus and had our lemonade stands that Brian tried to be the dictator of.
My elementary school! The teachers I will never forget: Mr. O (Typical stereotype of a PE teacher), Mrs. Hall (Our music teacher who was the sweet grandmother type), Mrs. K (my teacher for kindergarten, 1st grade and 3rd grade, apparently she really liked our class she just kept following us) and last Mrs. White (who was never my teacher but everyone knew her and she knew everyone....we all wanted her as our teacher). I loved my elementary school! It was the best!!
We ended up in Columbia, MI and stayed at a nice hotel and Clint took me out to a ritzy restaurant to celebrate graduating and finishing teaching. It was a beautiful restaurant and the food was fabulous!
See, I told you! Fabulous!
The Arch in Missouri, pretty cool looking from the car.
Pretty bridge we drove through.
We made it!!! In just two days we worked our way across the country and are so happy to be here! We had a really fun road trip together, lots of sining, laughing and of course eating! I love Clint and I am grateful for the chance to be East Coast and share this great adventure with him!