Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Drive back to reality

WE had a nice long trip back, where we took two detours. The first to visit my Aunt Suzy and Uncle Todd (AKA Kentucky Family)! We had so much fun with them! Lots of laughs, got to hear about Suzy and Todd's courtship, which proved to be very entertaining! Gotta hear about all the kids new adventures and eat the best ice cream my taste buds have ever had....Graeters!!!!

 Sad to leave our Kentucky family we hit the road to Chicago and spent time with Clint's Parents and Brent/Marci Clan! Lots of swimming, shopping, eating, walking and just overall fun! We are so blessed to have great family everywhere to spend time with and who help take care of us. That is something that has been really fun about driving across the country is the family we have spent time with and the places we have seen!

 Since being home we have had fun seeing our friends and family in Utah and moving into our own place again. It has also come with its stresses of going back to school and work and paying rent again (sad day)! We have also been able to meet Marshal's fiance Sandra and get to know her better! I am so excited for their upcoming wedding!

Boone County Fair

Clint completely squished in the car while moving all of our stuff...
Parker saying good-bye to his Shigloo
Clint assisting in the demolition
stay tuned for more updates

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Georgia's Peaches Part 2

We went to Stoney Mountain, which was beautiful, and had the sweetest laser show and 4D show around!!!
Atlanta Temple, so amazing!
We then hit up Savannah on the HOTTEST weekend they had in years!!! Lucky us! We went on a spooky Ghost tour, which was rad and totally freaky.
Need I say more..
Hit up Tybee Island. Climbed the lighthouse and had a history lesson that neither of us were aware happened there. Pretty cool.
To cool off we rented a jet ski and enjoyed the view of Tybee Island from the ocean!
Getting ready for our late night dancing cruise along the river walk. Very beautiful...and surprisingly still very HOT even at midnight!
I got to babysit this adorable girl for a few weeks...and oh my goodness she just melted my heart!
Atlanta Tennis Open.
We got to watch Roddick and Isner play...a great game!
We spent a weekend in Helen, GA in an amazing hotel with our own private deck and everything!
Little did I know that Helen was a town that loved Christmas all year round! My dream come true!
We went swimming at our hotel and were racing when clint swam right into my foot and got a bloody nose. Poor Fella
He is a tough guy, bounced back in no time for a cute picture after the injury.
Starting a long and adventurous hike to Tallulah Gorge. We don't own a nice waterproof camera so we bought an old school disposable one..so these pictures don't do the nature (or clint and I) any justice to how beautiful it really was.
It was so amazing to go on this majestic hike, with literally no trail, and come to a swimming hole with built in water slide and all.
Clint's Aunt and Uncle took us out to dinner our last night with them. We are so grateful to his Georgia family for how generous they were and how kind. We have so many great memories with them!