Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kids these days...

I just have two funny stories from some kids I work with at school.

On Monday I walk into a first grade class that I work with on math (remember these kids are 6 years old) and one girl comes up to me for help and I look at her and notice something is off....after trying to figure out if she cut her hair or what I realize she had stuffed her shirt (because she does not have a training bra yet). The whole time she was holding her shirt awkwardly so that the TP wouldn't fall out. I looked at the teacher and we both giggled as she knew exactly what I was thinking; I just hope she learned that from her older sister:) 

There is this kid Brysen (who is also a first grader) and I am not sure why but he has acquired quite the crush on me and constantly is telling me how much he loves me and stuff......he is just a great self esteem booster! But yesterday after I worked with him on spelling he took of his jacket because they were getting ready for PE; he walks over to me to show me his PE shirt and says (as he is swaying and flexing his arms) "Miss Kinsey, what do you think of me now?" I just smiled and said "I think you look like you are ready for PE!" 

Bon Apetite! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Follow Up....

Here is an article I would like everyone to read as a follow up on my facebook post:



Lately I have had small reminders of what life was like before cell phones, before new computers and fast and modern technology and before Facebook.......Facebook has its pros when it comes to keeping in touch with old friends, new friends, and family and I enjoy chatting with these wonderful people in my life; but, then come the cons. I don't enjoy how nosey it has made people, including myself, I don't enjoy the complications it can cause in relationships, the miscommunications that happen from it and how people can look at your pics and assume what they want without actually knowing or discussing it with you. So, I have debated just get rid of the whole thing, or get rid of all my pictures and any kind of personal information, or leave it how it is.....your thoughts. 

And ANOTHER thing...texting! What is up with that?! Do people not know how to call someone anymore? Is it that hard to use your speed dial and say hello and ask what it is you want or discuss whatever it may be you want to discuss. I cannot tell you how many dates I have been asked out on through texts, and while I give the guy the benefit of the doubt (maybe he is just really shy or scared) but come one, suck it up, be a man, pick up the phone and call me! And the conversations people have through texts, I don's want to learn about someone through text I want to hear their voice and be able to pick up different cues and know when to laugh rather then hope they send a :) or a haha so I know they were trying to be funny. This is not aimed at anyone in particular it is just I have remembered how easy life was before these two new technologies and how different it was. I want it back. 

But here is still the remaining dilemma do I have the GUTS to get rid of it all?? Or should I even get rid of it all? Again, your thoughts.....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am finally an Aunt..

So, I know that I have been an aunt now for about a month and I have not posted anything on my adorable nephew. Well, his first word was Kinsey, his favorite color is brown (the color of my eyes), he loves chocolate, he wants to be at least 5'5 and loves the we are so much alike, its kinda weird! 

Ok, ok none of those things are true but they will be, except for I know he will be way taller then 5'5 with Ryan as his papa, and mama will probably be his first word but my name will follow in a close second, and I am ok if his favorite color is green cuz I like that one a lot too, and come on now he has davis genes so I am positive he will love chocolate. 

I have not been able yet to hold this lil stinker but I have seen him in ichat many a time and just adore him already. He has big eyes and a great smile, when he does, and it has been fun just over the past month to see lil changes in him. Oh, I just love his cute lil cry!! I am really excited because in about 3 weeks I will be able to hold this beautiful boy and experience his genuine and sweet personality. Babies are just the best. And not just babies but kids in general (until they reach a certain age, usually around 11) they just love unconditionally and think everyone is the best! I am lucky that my job allows me to be around young, sweet kids everyday who give me a hug or tell me they love me or something that just shows they do not know me very well haha. Anyway, thats about it, and I will not let my blog go dead any longer! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I have the coolest job

Many of you may want to argue this point but come on I really do have the coolest job. I get to play with kids all day, eat delicious treats, play games, have recess, I get fall break, thanksgiving break, christmas break, spring break and summer break and I still get to go to awesome assemblies....but they are better because I am the adult now, so I have more freedom. 

For example, today we had a day with science stations around the school where we participated in all kinds of experiments, and got to look at gruesome things through a microscope and the coolest part was when we had an assembly where a reptile guy came. Since I am a teacher and adult with more privileges I got to touch the python snake that is almost 7 ft long and really it just ate a cylinder shaped animal that is 3 ft around, whatever that might be. It was really gross but so RAD at the same time! 

And the rumors are true, kids do say the darndest things and they just love everyone unconditionally and well, lets just say that my self esteem has never been higher before in my life.  I was with kindergarten kids the other day and they asked how old I was and I said 20 and they all went off telling me how old their moms are, the ages were 21, 18 to 94. This is just one example of the love that kids just have, today we had a science fair thing and I went back to class with a kid, Brysen, and when we sat down he was suppose to write in his journal and I asked him what he was going to write about and he said simply with a really cute smile, "I am going to write about why I love you". That is the sweetest thing a guy has ever said to me and he is only 9. 

I do not get paid that well but for a job this fun who cares!? And since I am only supporting numero Uno I really don't have to care. And did I mention I get to eat school lunches again, I must say they have improved since I was there, or maybe I am just not a picky eater anymore, oh wait I never was. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What blog!

Ok, so ever since I have come back to the US of A I have not felt as inclined to post on my blog, I mean I don't lead a very exciting life now....I am not getting married, don't have any kids to post pictures of and I am not living in a 2nd world foreign country trying to learn their language and their way of life. So, do I have anything of interest that is worth writing about on my blog, well not today but some days I will and I will make sure to post those points of "interest" at that time. For now here is an update on my life: 

-Working as a permanent substitute for an elementary school where I work with children teaching them to read and I help with special ed as well. What is a permanent substitute you may ask, well it is when the school district has put a freeze on hiring so they therefore hire "permanent subs" so that they can get the help they need. 

-Social life includes Parker, Parker's Basketball games, Parker and I watch Reba daily (along with a lot of other classic shows), Good Family Time and the occasional trip to Provo when I need to be reminded that I am in my Prime Time (you know early 20's) and should be out partying and meeting people and then reminded why I am living in Heber and taking a semester away from that Meat Market. 

-Last love life....there is none.

Have a Fantastic DAY!!!