Sunday, March 22, 2009

If you want my body and you think Im sexy, come on suga let me know!

Parker requested, and I quote, "Put the sexy picture of me on your Blog and name it the sexiest picture ever." So, I did

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Did you know that....

I have the cutest nephew ever and a really awesome family!!!?? I didn't think so, so here are pictures to prove it!

Marshal and Sean making some pasta homemade all by themselves....and Sean is leaving us very shortly for his mission which is awesome! And Marshal wants to be a fireman when he grows up:)
Parker and Carver are playing on the same Club Basketball Team right now and they are the bombs!
A whole section reserved for Davis FANS!!!! And that is not even all of them in the pic..
A beautiful Mother (and father) and so of course they had a beautiful baby!
I just love him, can't you just see it haha
And let's not forget Roxy!
Can he be any cuter?! I think not!
I do not have anything of intelligence or deep to say I just love my family and our friends!!!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Thoughts

My thoughts....well one thing I have been thinking about a lot lately is basketball! The Jazz have been picking it up and playing well, and I am glad Boozer is back, but I have been really impressed with Millsap and think he should play more. The Cougars I am proud of but at the same time disappointed because they should have creamed Airforce! Airforce is the worst in the league and we almost lost to them! But its all good because we still won! Anyway, the basketball world for me is doing pretty good right now.

It was Parker's birthday today and it was so much fun....well for the most part. Parker for sure milked the "Birthday Card" as much as he could. Even to the point that when he would fart while sitting next to me I would get mad at him and his only reply was "Its my birthday!" Haha wouldn't make a difference if it wasn't his birthday though he would still do it. It is weird thinking that he is 15 now! I remember when he was a baby and I would hold him while he fell asleep in my arms and now he is a teenager almost old enough to drive.

Today we got to see some of God's creations that brought a lot of happiness into my heart. Our family went to our neighbor's farm to see the lil lambs and new baby goats. They were so sweet and adorable! When the kids (term for baby goat) cry they actually sound like real babies. And they are just really nice and even cuddle with you. It was a great Sunday activity to go experience the beauty of birth and of animals and of nature in general.

"My profession is to always find God in nature."
~Henry David Thoreau

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

P-Town Fun

This last weekend was a very memorable and exciting one that I had to share it with everyone.....For those of you who may not have as exciting of a life you are welcome to live vicariously through me:) It all started with Friday night (pan to a dream like state) Taryn, Natalie, Jason, Cody and I partied with Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer......we took a trip back to the early 90's.

One thing I hate about the whole blog thing, my pics always come up out of here is my weekend pics not in any order

It's Hammer time babay! He still has got the moves and he also has a 13 yr. old son who is a most excellent dancer.

Outside waiting in line to get in. Leather is so coming back!
Ice Ice Baby! We were so close to stage it was rad, but that also meant a lot of pushing and trying to keep yourself from being stepped on and pushed over. It was so worth it though.
Hammer and his crew
This is us driving to the concert (it was suppose to be the first pic but what can you do)
This is suppose to be the last picture but this is one of me and my pals playing rock band with Charles Abuo!!! For those of you who dont know he is a BYU basketball player. He is awesome!
Still Rockin out!
We all look really good for 8 in the morning after camping out on cold concrete and getting very few hours of sleep.
Starting the morning with Rock band is way fun! It was so so cold, you can tell from everything I am wearing and the gloves even. The things College students do for good seats at a Basketball game!
Just a few of us in the morning not wanting to get up because it is so freezing. This was suppose to be the first pic of this lil area so here is the story. Students dont have reserved seating with their sports passes we only have a reserved area so first come first serve....we were playing Utah on Sat so everyone wanted a really good seat to the game that we were for sure going to win; in order to do that we had to sacrifice the warmth and comfort of a bed but the memories made were so worth it.
Conclusion: BYU beat Utah by 13 points!!!!! The whole student Section was not as fired up as usual since everyone was so tired from camping the night before and as a result staying up watching movies and playing until about 4 or 5 but we still won! I also WON a $10 gift card to Costa Vida, which I already used:) Last but not least I made it onto the jumbotron after 3 years of hard hard work to get on I finally made it for about 10 seconds! It was incredible! I am going to be the next Pamela Anderson, Baywatch here I come!