Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Howdy Y'all.....

So...This was my trip to Texas and it was so hard to come home. it is funny how every time I go and visit we are always thinking of ways that I could accidentally miss my flight and end up staying in Texas and gettin a job and talking in a cool accent and being able to get away with it (ok I added that one). Moral of the story is I think that my parents raised me in the wrong states and countries because I love Texas! Bon Appetite!

Monday, June 22, 2009

How Old Do I Look??

I was lucky enough to fly out to Texas and have the best time ever with our Texas cousins (more to come on that) but I thought I would share a lil story to give everyone a chuckle. So, I was feeling pretty good getting on to the plane because for the first time ever I actually dressed lets say more "mature" and had my hair done and even wore make up on the plane, in hopes of I am not sure. I guess I was just hoping to be that person you see walking through the airport that you say "why would she get looking so good just to fly?" Or "I bet she looks like that everyday." Well, my esteem was flying high and I sat down, buckled up and got my "mature" book out to read and everything (oh did I mention that I was sitting in an Exit Row) anyway, the Flight Attendant comes up to me and says "excuse me, are you older then 12?" I look at her and say "why yes, I am actually 21." Her face was pretty priceless as she walked away and did not look me in the eye later when she asked if I wanted cookies or peanuts.

Monday, June 15, 2009

What I do during relief society....

During Relief Society I was holding a new baby (3 weeks) and just watching her being cute. She did something, that I noticed wtih Liam too, that very often she would be looking at absolutely nothing, just up at the ceiling, and all of a sudden a huge smile would appear on her face. It got me wondering what are they smiling at? For me I like to think they are smiling at angels or someone maybe from beyond the veil. Babies are still so innocent and close to the spirit world that it would not surprise me that they can still see and feel it. SO, next time you hold a little baby in your arms just think they are in a way a connection to our Heavenly Father and to that perfect and wonderful world we are all working towards returning to. It is incredible!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rajon Rondo...Welcome to the Davis Family!

This is our families new addition....no its not a baby but something just as cute!! A new Puppy!!!!! Parker named him after the basketball player Rajon on the Celtics. Enjoy the pics:)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rainy Days

The past few days it has been quite cloudy here and we have only had a very light rain on occasion. Its days like these though that make me want to curl up on my couch with a good grilled cheese and tomato soup and watch a good chick flick (my most recent favorite is He's Just Not That Into You). Unfortunately, my life is too busy to allow any time to just relax and enjoy myself and then as a result I just want it to be sunny so that I can have the energy and drive to keep on keepin on with school and work. I have decided though if this weekend it is still rainy and cloudy I am going to take Saturday off to do exactly what I said above.

This weather also brings back many memories of Colorado and the thunder/lightning storms we had there. I loved those! I remember just sitting in the kitchen watching the lighting hit the ground and counting how long it took the thunder to follow...the rumor was for how many seconds you counted that is how many miles away it was from your house. Yesterday I was sitting in my room looking out at the stormy clouds wishing for one of those freak storms that are so fun to watch and run around in (I like a lil danger what can I say).

Friday, June 5, 2009

Archie Comics


The eternal love triangle is the cornerstone of Archie Comics for over 65 years--and the bane of Archie Andrews' existence! In fact, over the years it has not only defined the Betty/Archie/Veronica relationship, but has even threatened to dismantle it a time or 2."

I cannot even Believe it!!! After over 65 years the characters from the Archie Comics are finally growing up and getting married...I thought they have been in High School for a really long time. Here is my opinion on the whole thing: First, I never liked Veronica and a part of me was thinking that Betty so deserves Archie but then I remembered something...Archie does not deserve HER! He has been so flaky to Betty all the time and she was always second on his list compared to Veronica. So, Veronica and Archie do deserve each other. He deserves a high maintenanced wife that will drive him crazy all his life. And Betty well she just deserves the best of them all!

If you have not guessed yet Betty was always my favorite character and I always related to her when I read those comics, scratch that still read:) I wonder where the comics will go after they get married? Is this going to be there "series finale"? Your thoughts....