Saturday, July 31, 2010

Random Photos

Bowling with the hubby and cousin Dylan. THe bowling alley in Heber is pretty old school and has the best burgers and fries around.

Mom and Dad return dirty and tired after participating in the trek for their ward.

BBQ with friends, the only picture I got was of Clint and Michael cookin' burgers. Look at those studs!

Clint and I hiked the Y together for the first time, and the first time for both of us in years. It was such a beautiful hike but coming down killed our knees....maybe that is why both of us have not hiked it in awhile.

Most people save their cake for the 1 year anniversary but Clint and I decided that we wanted to enjoy our cake before it got too stale and we did. We even shared some with our neighbors. It was a really fun night together celebrating the past wonderful 6 months. It has been a 6 months filled with adventure, love, laughter (a lot) and great memories. I am so grateful that Clint and I are married and that we always have fun together. Like a good friend of mine once said "If you are going to lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. If you are going to drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away" (Will Smith).

Friday, July 23, 2010

Joes Valley

The (almost whole) Fandamily.....we missed marci and brent and the boys

Clint and Preston Cliff Jumping into the freezing water and holding hands for support...

Me jumping....the biggest shock of cold water in my life. It kinda looks like I'm sitting on the tree. Weird

Clint jumping solo this time

The water was really beautiful

Line dancing, here is Kristen showing off her moves....Clint and I were trying to follow her because we could not get it down.

Clint, Preston and I Dancing the night away

Sammy and Kensington caught the fish of the trip, so awesome!

Our awesome tent used for the first time, thanks Auntie Anita!!!!

Left over watermelon when we were packed up and ready to go, no worries, Jack, Sammy and I would not let it go to waste:)


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My first Ward/Oaks Family Reunion

This reunion first started in Park city where we spent time in an awesome condo, playing family football, swimming, getting back massages from my awesome nieces, eating delicious food, going to Olympic park and playing on the Alpine slides in Park city. This is just the beginning because after we droves to Joe's valley where we camped for a few days and it was so beautiful. I got two really great families, I have been very blessed.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Boating Season has Begun


Clint's parents came into town for the family reunion but before we were lucky enough to spend a few days with them at my parents. Basketball was one of the many activities we enjoyed together.

We enjoyed time in the sun and in the water. This is Clint helping his Mama

Jack owning the tube!

Sunday game of Croquet

The art gallery in Midway....We all got to be put in a raffle but sadly none of us were picked.

Delish Pizzeria!

Parker showing off :)

Clint and Parker showing off, what a team.

Me trying to not get thrown off....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Camera is no longer MIA

After looking long and hard in our car under every seat, under all the blankets and things we still have in their from camping and in every pocket I go into the house to declare "Clint, our camera is officially LOST!" He replies all smug "Did you look under the passenger seat?" Psha I cannot believe after all the searching I did he would believe that I missed a spot....Come on, who does he think he is telling me where to look as he sat in the house and didnt worry about the camera at all (this is what I am thinking as I am walking back to the car and he sits in the kitchen) well, he was right and our Camera is officially back in good hands, my hands:) As I looked at the fifty or so pictures that I wanted to post I decided to put it up on my blog in different parts in order to hold everyone's attention instead of overload. So, this is PART 1 of our summer activities!

Waiting in line for over an hour that Olivia and I didn't even go on....

Clint and Nate getting ready for the ride of their lives

Lunch with familia, Welcome home Kyle!

Party at Nickle City with Clint and Parkman

Bryce's wedding (a friend from freshman year who celebrated Beatle's Friday with Beatle's music blaring out of his aparment)

Enjoying a beautiful Sunday at the park by my parents house

Bocce Ball game going down

Olivia the very talented photographer

Cousin TIME!

After long hours of slaving hard for the parents Clint, Parker and I took a dip in the pond nearby to cool off.

I tried to think of something witty to say here but looking at this picture I am just speechless.