Monday, March 25, 2013

Catch Up On GA Life

We have been living in Beautiful Georgia for almost 3 months now and I have not blogged once since we have been here. The trip started out pretty crazy...we packed up our old apartment into a small trailer and two cars in one day. Thank goodness we had the help of my amazing family! We could not have done it without them.

Megs was particularly helpful with the trailer action;)

Jadie is the cutest and sassiest girl I know and Love!

Good-Bye to our last Apartment in College...Adios! 

Then that night we had dinner with Mike, Vauna, Tarbear and the rest of the Davis Gang!! It was so much fun seeing our family and spending the evening with them. As a Bon Voyage we stayed up late laughing, talking and playing this crazy basketball game that my parents bought the guys of the  family.

It Got Pretty Competitive!

And this picture is just too cute I had to put it on here...I love these guys!

Then we woke up early and started the drive to Colorado! We made our stop at Cory and Kristy's house! Which, we were so sad that we could not have just moved in with them. We had so much fun with a nice meal, a fun and competitive game and treats. Of course, because it always comes with hanging with the Steele family, lots of LAUGHS! Oh, and I forgot to mention that we had our Co-Pilot Marian with us. She was brave and wonderful to take this journey with us across country. Our 2nd day on the road we stopped in Missouri and had a much deserved delicious meal at the hotel. 3rd day we made it to GA and stayed at Clint's cousins house for the night. Finally, 4th day we made it to our lovely new apartment that we love. We unpacked the trailer and cars with the 3 of us in about 5 hours. It was tough, mostly because we are on the 3rd floor. To treat ourselves after we went to a local mexican place and ordered everything off the menu because we were starving!! 

And when we got back we made a nice fire and had a Harry Potter Marathon! So much fun! 

And of course before Marian left us to go back to Utah we took her to CNN and the Coke Factory! It was a lot of fun. We miss her so much! Can't wait for her to come back and visit again!

This is a picture to show what Clint's job is like:) JK most of the time his job is not this much fun! But he is doing so well and only hears good things about how he is doing. I am so proud of him and how successful he has been at his new job! 

Happyy Anniversary to us. 3 years!! I can't believe it! We have been through so much together and have the best memories together! So glad that I married my best friend! 

This was the first meal we had after being all unpacked and settled in where I could spend time on a nice meal. We didn't have a table yet so we enjoyed our meal here. I love this man and our home! We just need to recruit our family members over our way! Welcome to Peachy GA! 

                                                               Happy Monday!