Friday, May 29, 2009

Past couple of weeks

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.....well, I guess I just have a lot to say:)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Imagine This

I got an email from my dad about this show that a friend of ours, Eion Bailey, is a part of and I want everyone to know about it to support it please. It is a show like extreme makeover but for 3rd world countries. I watched a couple of clips from their site and I think it is a great idea and one that will be so important to a lot of people. Check it out at!!!!


Today I was thinking about how my Blog is my journal. I still have my journal that I have had since I was like 12 but this is so much more convenient for me....or so I thought. I think I write on my blog just as often as I wrote in my journal:) This really is just an update so you know I am alive and as for doing well, no comment. I will post more later when I have time on my hands which may not be until I graduate!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Grandma Verla

I know not many people read my blog and the few that do already know that my Grandma Verla has passed away. I was debating blogging about it or not and have been dealing with a lot of feelings lately that I didn't know how to deal with and well, writing about it seemed like the perfect way to deal with it. I have not had someone this close to me pass away before especially at an age when I really knew what was happening and when I really knew the person. When I first heard the news I just couldn't believe it. Everyone kept saying she was getting better and now she is gone.

It has been hard for me being in school and working and not being able to take anytime to reflect and cry. During this last few days I have thought about how the Judaism religion has got it right. Taking days off from everything just to grieve and give your respects to the person that has left this world. Why can we not do that? Why does our society focus so much on ourselves and everything we need to do and get done. Well, I need to cry and I need to be comforted about my Grandma passing but I will only get one day to deal with that and then I will be thrown back in this tornado called life.

These last few days I have had to keep pushing with school, work and ward activities and here I am sitting at my desk when reality hit me. She is really gone. When I go to her house on Sunday she will not be there but my memory of her and her spirit always will be. Whenever I play chinese checkers, put a puzzle together or someday become as good of a cook as she was she will be on my mind.

Ever since I have been in Utah I have been so blessed to spend a lot more time with Grandpa and Grandma Haynie and I went from being their FAVORITE granddaughter (that's right Erin :) to a great friend. I could just go on about everything I loved about Grandma, her fruit salad deliciousness, playing games, croquet in the yard, her hugs, I LOVE her laugh, and whenever I would call she would just love to talk to me, and the visits where she and Aunt Diane brought me treats or cards while I am at school, her sassy personality, and refusal to give in to the material things of this world....Grandma, I love you and thank you for the example you set for me and for the memories you made with me:)