Sunday, April 28, 2013


L is for the way he Looks at me 
 O is for the Only one I see 
 V is Very Very extraordinary 
 E is Even more than anyone that you adore 
 And LOVE is all that I can give to YOU
 Love, Is more than just a game for 2
 2 In LOVE can make it!
 Take my Heart but please don't break it 
LOVE was made for ME and YOU!!!

I really love this guy and every time we are apart I ache for him. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another Sad Day In The Ward/Davis Family

Clint and I have had a very emotional year. We have had a lot of adventures and fond amazing memories but we have also had some tragedies. A year ago we decided we wanted to start a family. If you have read my log in the past you would know that I have had two miscarriages already and it was really hard for me to come to terms with that and to be myself again. Since we have moved to Georgia I have made some real progress. But of course right when things seem to be going well tragedy has to hit again. And it did.

I found out I was pregnant again, and this time I had a hormone supplement to take to help prevent a miscarriage again. Unfortunately, on April 20th, there was nothing I could do. I lost another baby. Clint and I were incredibly happy and felt so blessed to be expecting again. We tried to be realistic and not get our hopes up but who were we kidding. We started planning everything, all over again, for a third time. 

We went to the Doctor and found out our baby was behind in development. As soon as she said those words I knew what they meant. But I tried to stay positive because we were going to FL for the weekend to celebrate Clint's birthday. Everything was going well until it all happened. We spent the day crying, watching movies, playing Yahtzee, anything to try and distract us from what was real and what was happening. 

I have read many blog about other women who have had several miscarriages and I want to write about mine too in case someone who is struggling comes upon it. It is the hardest thing we have ever been through. It is painful and we are both just so heart broken. And just mad. But it is ok to feel all of those emotions. For me though the hardest part is having to feel these emotions, and go through the grieving process, multiple times. Just when I get back up I get knocked back down. I try to be strong but it's overrated. 

So, the next step in our situation is to see a fertility specialist. You think we could just get this started and it would all be easy to set up but it never is. I have to wait for my OBGYN to do tests, to approve it, to refer me, to let my insurance know...etc... I just WANT to see a specialist but I have to wait on others to make it happen and it is not on the top of their list by any means. 

Why does it have to be so hard to have a baby? Why, when you can't have a baby, does it have to be so hard to get into a specialist who can, hopefully, give you answers? There is so much waiting and it kills me. I have never been a patient person. For anyone who may be reading this and feeling a little lost too, just know that as hard as the waiting has been and continues to be for Clint and I we still try to look forward to the moment we have a baby. And we know that baby will be more loved than any other baby in the world! It will be worth least that is what I need to keep telling myself to get through the day. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I've Heard It Both Ways

So, a lot has happened. Clint started his new job, which has its pros and cons, like any job..We both got callings in our Church. Clint teaches Young Men and I am the Young Women's President. Pretty exciting stuff. We have made some friends and we have had a lot of adventures already. These Adventures include Jack and Sharmon visiting, Celebrating my Birthday Month and Clint's Birthday Month. We are both the Big Ol' 25!! Can you believe it? We can't.

This cake was for a friend and it was my first attempt at a birthday cake, it went ok overall. The party was a lot of fun with lots of laughs! 
 We celebrated our 3rd anniversary on January 14th! Amazing! I am so incredibly grateful and blessed to have this husband of mine. We went out to a Tapas place and just embraced our love for each other. 
 My Birthday Month Bowling Trip! We both really love to bowl...never gets old! Clint just got a strike, perfect picture timing! 
 I did not get a strike but I was still having a good time...losing 
Birthday Month Shopping Spree with Clint, Jack and Sharmon! was a great day for all of us! 
 Golfing trip with the fam-damily! Beautiful day! 
 My favorite part of golfing, driving the carts! 
 My Soul Mate and I enjoying Spring Time! 
After a long day in the sun we enjoyed a delicious meal at Longhorn Steakhouse and to continue the eating fest we also got Sushi and it was fabulous! 
 Mutual activity: It was a Fear Factor activity and MY team won even though Clint's team tried to cheat to beat us:) Still love him! 
 BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!! Clint got me a Kindle Touch and I love, love, love it! 
 Best Movie theatre ever! They have a restaurant IN the theatre and they serve you IN the theatre! My dream come true. 
 Delicious and a wonderful time together
 After a lot of searching we finally found our Italian Place that is fabulous and one of those cute family owned places
 General Conference was great to chill in our PJ's all weekend long! 
 Ghetto, Giant City Garage sale...can you say White Trash? People were selling Shampoo they bought at the store. Hilarious 
Our friends boys that we were chillin with during General Conference. We bought a helicopter and had a lot of fun flying it all around. 
 Another golfing trip for Clint's Birthday Month!! Another beautiful day with gorgeous trees blossoming! 
 Butterflies, everwhere
 Birthday trip to Florida! Again..Birthday Month! We make the most of our days of birth! 
 Sunset over the bridge, over the ocean
 I just had to get a picture of this, could not resist. 
 Delicious restaurant on the beach, I love the smell of the ocean air, so relaxing 
 Jacksonville had a lot of cool artwork along the street. 
 Man I have really missed the beach, so much! 
 Don't want to brag, but we had a great vacation... minus the sunburn

 Yummy, BRUNCH time! 
 Happy Birthday my husband, you are wonderful and I love you and I have no idea what I would do without you! 
To conclude our great vacation in Florida, we spent all day Saturday going to the movies and eating incredible food! As we drove back to reality Clint said "I want to go on vacation again." It does not take long for us to miss our play time!