Monday, May 13, 2013

Diagnosis Part 2

Just a quick update, the blood clotting disorder is actually the best scenario. It has the easiest solution and it means that next time we get pregnant, since I will be on blood thinners, I should not have another miscarriage. With the other options of what could have been wrong with me, it meant surgery in some cases. So, I am happy with this diagnosis, just not happy with how we came to discover it.

A new development this morning another test came back, it was a Karyotyping test and it came back Saying everything was normal. Which is great!! That means Clint and my Chromosomes are normal so we have great chances of having a healthy baby with normal development. I am just so eager for it to be Friday already so I can get more details about our situation. Thanks for all the support and love!


Sarah Haynie said...

Thanks for the update! Sound great. Be sure and update us on Friday. Love you both so much.

Katie said...

KINSEY! I think I have some of the same blood mutations! I have to do shots too when we want to get pregnant. They are the same ones I had to do in Romania. We are pretty cool ladies! My best wishes to you. So glad you have a diagnosis and one that is so close to mine.

KinseyBug said...

Haha...Katie I love your positive attitude about it all! I miss you and Jeremy, hope all is going well. Yes, we are very cool ladies:)