Thursday, August 15, 2013

Motherly and Brotherly Love!

Back in April my Mom decided last minute to come and visit and brought with her a Lil brother Parker!!! It was so fun at the airport when he surprised me I started crying and jumping up and down and Parker tried to push me away and just said "Stop, you're embarrassing me." We had a great time with them here. 

We went shopping and Parker bought Clint this Jacket for his B-Day Present..Guess How Much? Clint just insisted on trying it on shirtless. 
Pedi's with the girls!!! Parker kept repeating that he liked Women, just wanted to make that clear to everyone. The truth is who wouldn't want a Pedicure?! They are so wonderful!
 Titanic exhibit in Atlanta. We couldn't take pictures of the exhibit but it was pretty incredible how many items made it out of that tragedy.
My mom bought Clint this briefcase and was embarrassed to be hugged by this shirtless man...haha I love this guy! 

 Beautiful Sunday walk with the family. So serene. So many trees. So beautiful!

 Last, enjoyed a day in the sun by the pool! We live the good life! I am so grateful for family!

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